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The Army Painter Tweezers Set

The Army Painter Tweezers Set

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    PERFECT PRECISION AND CONTROL - With the perfect length and form, the model tools included in this tweezer kit will become your indispensable assistants in assembling your models TWO DIFFERENT TYPES FOR ANY TASK - The pointy tweezers are excellent for tiny details and for working with decals; the slanted tweezers are perfect for applying tufts HIGH QUALITY AND COMFORT - Not all model tweezers have precisely aligned tips. With our fine tweezers with comfortable colored handles, you’ll never again drop details and lose even the tiniest pieces. And you’ll never lose the tweezers NO MORE GLUE ON YOUR FINGERS - Grab the detail with the hobby tweezers, apply glue and press it to the place you want to be glued. No mess, no solvents, no wasted time!
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    Product Code: TL5035